How SolarMovies compare to similar websites

Quality movies for free

Since its launch, zero cost is the promise. SolarMovies never ask for your credit card information; and no money is asked for unlimited streams.

We play limited ads

Unlike other free movie streaming sites fooling you to watch ad after ad with no access to movies, SolarMovies plays limited number of ads that won’t impact your watching experience any bit.

Movies and shows are in HD quality

SolarMovies clearly categorizes its content and displays movie genres along with descriptions to let viewer decide whether to watch a certain show or movie with family or friends.

SolarMovies for all ages

SolarMovies is loved for its 720p, 1080p, and 1440p HD and 4K quality, and a fast streaming speed.

Unlimited Movie Streams

The longer you stay on SolarMovies; the more movies you watch. Because no fees are charged, why don’t you stay longer?

New Movies and TV Series Weekly

SolarMovies posts trailers, requested and recently released movies and TV shows each week.